Comfort food: Filled pancakes for lunch, dinner or breakfast


Source: Comfort food: Filled pancakes for lunch, dinner or breakfast (gluten-free, lchf)

The wonderful recipe for these grain free crêpe-like pancakes, with many ideas for what to stuff them with, comes from the Sweedish food aficionado and my WordPress friend at!  Her attitude toward food is quite inspiring to me.

I finally bought some Psyllium husks and made these pancakes Sunday morning. It was early and I was still sleepy, and somehow I put only 3 eggs into the batter instead of the required four.  Instead of the cream (we don’t use uncultured milk products) I used an equal quantity of our home made whole cow milk yogurt plus a tablespoon of melted butter.   On account of the missing egg, I presume, they were VERY delicate and it took lots of patience to get these out of the pan without tearing, but I managed it!
I filled them with sautéed sweet onions, peppers, and diced chicken thigh, spiced with cumin, smoked chili powder and shredded sharp hard cheese.  A fresh salsa of diced tomatoes, cilantro, parsley, salt and lemon topped these.  There was a small pancake from the last of the batter that I filled with bitter orange marmalade (desert!). The pancakes looked gorgeous on the plate with their edges all brown and lacy and the abundant stuffing falling out the ends. The subtle tartness from the yogurt was nice with the spicy filling.  Satisfyingly delicious and filling!  Thanks for your super recipe Isabel, I’ll be making these again soon, next time with all four eggs!