Honorable Mention Cranberry Bean Recipe

We honored the 43 grams of Cranberry Beans harvested by having them for dinner the night of our weighing contest.  I wanted to keep the preparation simple to make sure the flavor of these beans would stay the obvious centerpiece and also incorporate the last of this year’s fresh tomatoes that had just reached a respectable red color on a south facing window sill.  Next time you’re craving a hearty pasta dish, try this instead.  Pasta has got nothing on these beans IMO.

Honorable Mention Cranberry Bean Recipe 
These beautifully purple patterned beans simmered to a creamy potato-like consistency in well salted water after about 40 minutes. They soaked in fresh water for 6 hours ahead of cooking.

Gently toss the warm cooked cranberry beans with a sauté of:
* a modestly luxurious amount of virgin olive oil.
* half a minced yellow onion and 4 cloves of crushed garlic.
* The last of the fresh window-sill ripened plum tomatoes from your garden
* a small batch of simple ground beef (1/2lbs), salt and pepper oven roasted mini meat balls. (375F for 20 min in our convection toaster oven. Roll the balls very small for quick cooking.)

Finish the plate by topping with lots of finely chopped fresh Italian parsley from the garden. This quantity easily satisfies two hungry adults.

Health and happy eating to you!

– Jesse

Beans for dinner
Honorable Mention Cranberry Bean Recipe

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